When you attend one of my classes, I will instruct you from start to finish on how to create your own masterpiece. I will go step by step with you from start to finish. I will go around to everyone to check on your progress and assist you in any way. I will explain color harmony, linear and aerial perspectives. I will demonstrate how to do clouds, trees, sky and shadows as well on what colors to use and how to mix them to achieve lighter or darker tones. Many of my students were first time painters and they all left the first class with a painting they were proud of.

I will go over proper brush cleaning at the end of the class and the class help decide on the painting they would like to do at the next class. All materials will be provided. Classes held at my home studio are from 5:30 to 8:30 and are $30.00 per participant. Day classes may be offered as well. Other venues are $40.00 per participant. Canvas size and image will be noted.

If you are interested in hosting a class as a fundraiser or as your next get together, please fill out the contact form and make sure to check out the list of my upcoming classes!

The classes will be in acrylics.

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